Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hi Jammers! This is Wolfs4evea here, I am a new author of this blog. I'm sorry, but I do not have time to update. So, why don't we get to know who I am?
AJ Username: Wolfs4evea
Nickname: Wolfs
Do you have your own blog?
Yes, I do. Read it now, Jamaa Times. (I'm currently taking an unannounced break)
How long have you been playing AJ?
I'm not really sure, I started in 2011, quit a little while after the first MMG(Monthly Member Gift) came out. I then rejoined with a whole new account. In total, a year and a few months. 
Why do you blog?
I used to be an author of The Animal Jam CRAZY!!, but I never posted, I felt guilty, so this is my way of repaying. 
Favorite color? 
Olive Green.
Favorite book(s)?
Warriors Series. 
Favorite Animal?
Writing, reading, hanging out with friends, Skyping, AJ, & drawing. 
Well, that's all. ^^ I hope that's enough to get a quick picture of who I am.
~See you in Jamaa~

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